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Case study


Interpretation and translation

Customer: Company Y (trading company specializing in chemical products)

Contents: Interpreting business negotiations for a chemical bidding for a national project of a research institute in Greater China




The foreign national staff who was in charge of Greater China at Company Y retired, and the in-house translation staff disappeared.
Since the project leader cannot speak Chinese, we used to exchange emails in English.
As the timing was critical to whether or not the business negotiations would come to an end, we decided to try outsourcing interpreting.

  • Accurately recognize the current situation by the project leader himself and share the recognition with the customer

  • In order to conclude business negotiations, the meeting should not be disadvantageous to Company Y.

  • Careful pre-meeting hearing
    (The interpreter also has a common understanding with Company Y and clarifies the goal.)

  • Since the purpose was to make the current meeting a success, we first proposed it as a one-off project.

  • Other services are optional depending on the situation.

Actual interpretation plan

One-time project, 2 person system of Chinese native and Japanese (as proposed)

customer's voice


Before using the service, I was in the position of a project leader, but because of the language, communication was not as smooth as my mother tongue, and I became more and more impatient as the meeting time approached. However, until now, translation had been handled in-house, so it was difficult to obtain internal approval for outsourcing, and we were unable to outsource until the last minute. This time, when we outsourced the interpreting, we told them all about the situation in the company, and Hanwa Trading proposed this case as a one-off project, and the internal approval went smoothly.
On the day of the meeting, we were able to make the most of the limited meeting time, not only to grasp the situation, but also to actively exchange opinions and have technical discussions.
Overall, the outsourcing was highly cost-effective, so I would like to use it again next time.

Scene from the actual interpreting site (partial)

WeChat Image_20210416103401.jpg

Officials from the S city government in China visit pharmaceutical-related associations (exchange meeting)

WeChat Image_20210416110401.jpg

Officials from the S city government in China visit a pharmaceutical facility (inspection)

WeChat Image_20210416104950.jpg

A group of high-ranking government officials from the K autonomous region of China visited the W prefectural office (friendship exchange)

WeChat Image_20210416103913.jpg

China S Ministry Holds World Forum

(Simultaneous interpretation at the Japan Satellite venue)

Thank you for using our service.
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