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About us


In the late 1990s, I worked as a Japanese interpreter for a government agency in Anhui, China. At that time, China was industrializing with the development of the manufacturing industry, and the number of Japanese companies expanding into China was rapidly increasing, so I was also busy. At some point, I felt that it was not enough, and I wanted to be on the side of driving the business.
In 1998, I left my stable job as an interpreter and came to Japan to major in economics at Osaka Prefecture University and learn the basics of management. After working at a Japanese trading company that handled non-ferrous metals, he focused on the semiconductor industry, which was in its infancy in China at the time. Established Hanwa Trading Co., Ltd., taking a new step as a trading company dealing with the import and export of semiconductor inspection equipment.
Although the world is in a borderless era, the reality is that businesses still face barriers to overseas negotiations due to various factors, such as differences in business customs and friction caused by communication between different countries. Especially when it comes to doing business with China, simply understanding a foreign language is not enough to solve the problem, and many people must be aware of the difficulty of doing so.

This is exactly the limit as an interpreter that I felt during my time as an interpreter, and the root of my dissatisfaction. I am confident that I can use my experience to help you in that regard.
China has abundant manpower, and Japan has reliable technology. I strongly believe that if I can play a role as a bridge in the field of semiconductors, which are essential to modern life, I can contribute to the economic and industrial development of both Japan and China.

With that conviction, I will walk together with our partner companies and employees as one.



Company introduction

Hanwa Trading Co., Ltd. is a specialized trading company that imports and exports semiconductor inspection equipment and electronic control equipment.
We accurately capture demand in Japan and overseas in real time and help customers realize the optimal environment with a sense of speed.



Domestic sales of US-based Signatone probe system



Sales of Japanese-made semiconductor inspection equipment mainly to China


Interpretation and translation

Wide range of support from major languages to minor languages

Other business
Hanwa Trading Co., Ltd., mainly in the field of semiconductors, assists Japanese companies entering the Chinese-speaking world and Chinese companies entering the Japanese market.
With our knowledge and experience in the same field, we stand by our customers and play the role of a bridge.

  • Consultation on overseas expansion, consulting including market research

  • Support for opening an office, etc.

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